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2019-Mar-16 - Wooroloo - Windows #58
I have to admit I was pretty slack today.

I was up at 5.00 am, but by the time I had carefully loaded the 4 small window frames on to the back of my utility (with plenty of padding), I was out on site after 7.00 am.

I found it hard toget started - so instead of working, I bought the Saturday papers from the local deli and sat down for a coffee.

Once I eventually made a start, and brought all the tools and materials up to the work area, I stopped and talked to Ian for half an hour.

He kindly offered to help me lift each window frame in - but I found that these smaller ones are quite light and I was able to move them on my own.

Just as I completed all the alignment tasks on the first window, Jim and Sandy visited so I stopped for another hour as we had coffee.

By now it was well after 10.00 am.

Finally I made a push and installed the first three of the windows.

I have now developed a pattern - trim the flashing from the adjacent large window frame, install the Dupont bottom window flashing, insert the window, hold it in place with two piece of timber clamped across the rough opening, check for levels and spacings to the left and right, and finally fix it off with some 100 mm bugle head screws.

This week I am only installing two screws per side - next week I need to add another two and then start on the patch up work with some filler.

Around 3.00 pm I stopped for a short nap, only to be woken by loud footsteps on the temporary verandah.

I shot out of my kitchen to see I had another visitor - so another 20 minutes chat followed by the last push to install the 4th frame.

Duing the upcoming week I am hoping to patch and paint all the timbers I have prepared for the external staff beading - with luck I might be able to install them next weekend.

Once that is done I can complete the header flashing (you will notice that the building wrap above the window frames is temporarily taped in the up position waiting to be finished off)

Progress by the end of the day