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2019-Mar-9 - Wooroloo - Windows #57
Light rain all day.

Not good weather for installing window frames.

So today I stayed home and created the external staff beading for all the windows.

This involved putting some previously dressed 90 x 45 mm jarrah through the table saw to end up with 30 x 20 mm lengths.

This took most of the morning.

After, most of the rest of the day went in to cutting each piece in to the vertical beads - 4 pairs for the small windows and 1 for a missing bead on the double windows.

Tomorrow I need to see if I can improve the fit at the corners.

Monday through Thursday

I decided to have a second go at creating the header cross pieces of the external staff beadings.

To this end I created a jig consisting of two pieces of timber with 16 mm spacers designed to hold the vertical beading in the correct position. This allowed me to trace the exact joint shape on to a fresh piece of stock timber.

Once I had carefully cut along my pencil marking I found that I had little or not gap in the corners when I assembled all three pieces together.

Raw lengths cut from 45 x 90 mm dressed jarrah

Cut to length and jointed