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2019-Feb-23 - Wooroloo - Windows #55
I was a bit late getting up (6.00 am instead of 5.00 am) and I had to mess around with tying down the trailer load (window frame) and hooking it up to my utility.

Out on site I ended up chatting with Ian first thing and he offered to help me install the frame.

I needed to take some time first to install the sill dam - flexible highly adhesive product.

Ian's help made a huge difference and he helped me clamp on a couple of beams that ensured the window would be flush with the rough opening on the external side.

After this I spent several hours making sure that the window was level and centred in the frame.

Then another two hours installing 8 x 100 mm bugle head screws (while avoiding distorting the window jambs and inserting packers).

After this I went around the screw holes and covered the screw heads with some patching compounds.

I was finished quite early, as I had hoped, and headed home to work on paint stripping the external draft beading.

On the way home, I stopped in at the Mount Helena hardware store and picked up a litre of the Methylene Chloride paint stripper.

Once at home, I applied the paint stripper, waited half and hour and then scraped off most of the remaining paint.

I would say that I still have one more application to go.;

Window frame loaded up ready to go


Paint stripping the external staff beading