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2019-Feb-9 - Wooroloo - Windows #53
Still no luck on installing the building wrap - there seem to be so many other little tasks that need to be completed first.

I was up at 4.00 am and out on site at 6.00 am because a hot day was forecast - I thought that there would be a good chance that I would be returning at mid day.

Firstly, I wanted to install an L shaped piece of flashing under the doorway.

This means I needed to clean up the already installed piece of flashing that is intended to mate with it. It started off very discoloured but eventually ended up quite mint.

I also cut out and installed various pieces of Colorbond flashing and PolyFlash at each corner of the bay windows.

This took quite a few hours.

Next, I installed and painted some 4.5 mm strips in to each window cavity.

This will make the back of the opening higher than the front - forcing any water to drain out rather than penetrating in to the interior of the room.

I noticed that some of the stud strapping around the door opening looked like it had stretched and become slack.

I spent some time removing the clouts, retensioning the strapping and renailing it.

In the end I decided that it was not really an issue as the positions of the nail holes barely changed.

The final job for the day was to remove the diagonal bracing on all the rough window opening.

This had to be done before I can apply the building wrap.

By 4.30 pm I was too tired to continue. It was not too hot and I still had two hours of daylight left, but the flesh is weak.

I packed up my tools, had a shower and headed home.

Flashing installed under doorway

Other Flashing

4.5 mm strips ready to install

Strip installed

and painted

Progress by the end of the day