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2020-May-2 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #28
Today I wanted to install the blocking (I think that is what it is called) between the window headers and the main steel beam above.

I had to take a lot of tools - air compressor, framing gun, band saw, drop saw.

The little studs run from the bolted on 90 x 45 pieces above - down to the 65 mm LVL headers.

This means each piece (19 all up) needed to be rebated.

The band saw was very handy for this.

There was a lot of running up and down ladders for this work and I had not quite finished by the end of the day.

Fortunately I had already planned on staying overnight so all I had to do was bring down the most expensive tools and leave everything else lying around upstairs.


I was up at 6.00 am and spent the time up until 9.00 am working quietly on a few tasks that needed doing.

First - I stacked one layer of the floorboards stack - I have been looking at this for months and constantly having to step over it.

Next I replaced the two outer tarpaulins that are sheltering the back wall.

They have been turned in to shreds while flapping around for the last few months.

This was time consuming fiddly work and took me about one and a half hours.

Once it was OK to make a bit of noise I finished off the last of the blocking.

Also, many of the piece I had used were quite adequate but did not reach the last 150 mm down on the inside of the wall. I cut up a whole lot of small extension pieces and will drill and nail these by hand next week.

These are required for fastening gyprock on the inside of the wall.

Also I realised that there was no gyprock fastening at the extreme edges and also in the middle - I cut and fitted another four pieces but these will need further rebating during the week to fit around the diagonal knee braces.

Somehow is was getting late.

I put away all the tools (took most back home) and proceeded on to cleaning up.

I had worn a face mask all day but I did not want to leave all the CCA pine dust laying around.

This took quite a while to vacuum up and make safe.

I did not get to leave until dusk and arrived home in the dark - which was a pity - I had hoped to have some of the day off .

Needed a lot of different tools today

Progress by the end of the day