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2019-Jan-26 - Wooroloo - Windows #51
I had almost finished the third and fourth small windows a week ago - but put them on hold in order to prepare all the sashes for paint stripping.

Today was the day to finish them off.

I had one more lap joint to complete - I marked it up carefully but because I wasn't paying enough attention I turned an "outy" in to an "inny".

What should have taken me half an hour turned in to a two hour job as I was forced to patch the stile (or create a completely new one).

This set my plans back a while.

Once this was sorted out I spent several hours bogging up holes and defects in both window frames.

After this I carefully clamped up each frame, checked it for dimensions and squareness and nailed it together.

I then routed a fine rebate on each side to accept the edge of the PolyFlash.

Finally, as the end of day approached I inserted the parting bead in to both frames.

I still have a lot of paint primer application to do and probably a few patches as well.

I might be able to tackle these on Australia Day.


This was mainly a day of rest - movie in the morning (Storm Boy - very good), lunch in the food hall, a beer at the local pub, fall asleep in front of the television.

However, I did manage to get organised to paint the small window frames.

I set up horses, laid each frame out, cleaned the paint brush and stirred the primer.

In theory, all ready to make an early start tomorrow.

Monday through Thursday

Every day I made a little progress on painting the frames - first the primer and then the heritage cream top coat.

Repairing my mistake - step 1

Repairing my mistake - step 2

Finished frames

Getting ready to paint

First the primer

Then starting the top coat