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2019-Jan-20 - Wooroloo - Windows #50
This is another project prerequisite to cladding the front of the house.

I bought this front door frame about 8 years ago and I have had it under cover at the building site on its own special storage base.

When I bought it, it had been sitting out in the open at the salvage yard for the last 3 years.

It looks a bit sad at the moment, but I am pretty sure it has "good bones" and that half a millimetre under that grey surface lies a golden brown surface of jarrah.

Some of the timbers will require some bogging - but this will be ok as I intend to paint it with solid oil based primer and enamel.

The threshold will need to be varnished only and there are some visible cracks and missing chips.

However, I believe that with some gluing and clamping it will come good and be quite presentable.

The main piece of damage that I am concerned about is the stop on the hinge side of the frame - it looks like someone has crudely hacked the corner off this to accommodate an incorrectly hung door.

I am thinking that any bog in this situation will just crack off - I should probably route out a 10 mm strip and replace it with fresh timber.

Also one of the studs has some bow in it but I am wondering if I can correct this as I fix the door frame in to the rought opening - I have already purchased a suitable piece of stock timber from the demolition yard but there will be considerable work to cut this down to size and profile.

I am also wondering if some of the old hinge rebates should be filled with wooden plates instead of attempting to bog them.

Once all surfaces are repaired I will need to alter the door frame slightly to fit it in to the 2700 mm rough opening.

Dismantled door components

Threshold Damage - split needs gluing

Glue chips back in, make filler from sawdust ?

Damaged stop

Hinge rebates - bog or route out and install plate