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2019-Jan-19 - Wooroloo - Windows #49
I only have a few more jobs to do before I have finished the 4 small window frames - a bit of bogging, one last lap joint, insert the parting beads, prime.

However, I cannot get them finished and it is driving me nuts.

The reason being that I have been diverted to another essential job.

I have found someone who can dip strip all my sashes at $35 each if I bring him more than 30 of them.

This means I am running through all my sashes removing any metal hardware (finger grips, locks, jockey wheels) and engraving each one with the window number (roman numerals).

Most of the sashes have already been liberated from their frames - from this point of view the exercise has been very useful as I was coming very close to forgetting which set belongs to which frame.

So far, I have also dismantled a pair of single sash frames (stair well) and I still have to do a pair of double sash frames (up stairs bedroom).

It is stinking hot today (43 degrees C) and I am waiting until 6.00 pm for the outside temperature to become bearable again.

I am hoping to have them all ready to deliver tomorrow - though if I don't finish them tonight then this might be delayed for a few days.

A good proportion of the sashes have broken or missing glass and the odd joint opening up - this does not matter as all the glass needs to be upgraded from 2mm to 4 mm "eco" glass. A fair few of the sashes will need to be dismantled and rebuilt with fresh glue and pine wedges to freshen them up.

All hardware stripped from sashes