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2019-Jan-12 - Wooroloo - Windows #48
The first job was to mask myself up and remove the last traces of paint from the stripped window frame components using an orbital sander.

Next I started filling in the holes in the stiles left by the removal of the coil springs.

I am gluing in blocks of jarrah wood followed by bog.

In addition to the glue I am securing the wooden blocks using some bugle screws but these need to be carefully prepared by drilling the correct profile through the well aged timber.

I realised that I did not have a sufficiently long 6mm drill bit. Also I needed some device to engrave identifying marks on to the sashes prior to their stripping. Additionally - some way to use my small router to remove the glazing putty from the difficult sashes.

I decided to head down to Toolmart in Midland.

They were very helpful on all counts and explained to me how to create a template to simplify the glazing putty removal.

After some other shopping, quite a few hours had elapsed.

I continued on with bogging, cutting components down to length, and resizing some of the components using the joiner / thicknesser.


We had a social (birthday) outing in the middle of the day but I managed to make progress with the bogging and marking up the slot positions on the sill plate.

Filling in the coil spring holes

Component prior to final cutting or notching

Marking up slot positions referencing offcuts