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2018-Dec-29 - Wooroloo - Windows #46

A slow start today.

I did not wake up until 7.30 am, had coffee with Ian, and took a lot of breaks during the day.

The previous day I had washed down the top and bottom plates for the small windows.

Today, I rolled out more butcher's paper and sanded off the last of the paint traces.

Most of the day went in to cutting more notching in to the plates and cutting the biscuit joined timbers to shape.


Today I continued with the assembly of the first small window - this was quite nerve wracking as I had no scope for error and I was attempting to work to an accuracy of 1 mm using mainly hand tools.

After cutting and notching the second stile, I repaired any defects in the sill plate using bog as well as routing in the groove to accept the parting bead.

I also clamped and nailed the assembly together.

Tomorrow I need to purchase more of the Tasmanian Oak parting bead as well as woodworking glue.

Tuesday, Wednesday

Same as the first small window - I assembled the second small window.

Thursday, Friday

I dismantled the second donor window and started paint stripping the components ready to create the third and fourth small windows.

Top and bottom plates after sanding

Biscuit jointed timber for stile

Creating one of the smaller windows

First small window assembled

Two small windows assembled