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2018-Dec-15 - Wooroloo - Windows #44
The next few weekly descriptions are going to be rather brief.

Mainly I am repairing defects in the window frames and it seems to be a slow ongoing process.

Today I used the orbital sander to remove the last traces of paint from the second frame.

The paint seems to be embedded in the grain of the timber.

I set up butcher's paper underneath, donned a face mask and gave myself a good brushing down after I was finished - so I hope I ingested minimal amounts of lead - the paint was mainly just smears on the surface of the wood.

Some of the timber seems a bit rough - this is not from rot over the years but the original condition of the wood - quite a few sap grains running through the sill (possibly immediate post war II austerity).

I will bog all this up and coat it liberally with oil based paint - so it will all be reliable in the end.

Second frame sanded down

Sap vein defect will need to be repaired