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2020-May-9 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #29
I couldn't head off to site immediately.

First I needed to create two more short studs for blocking.

I am flying blind on these as I don't want to take the band saw or drop saw with me - so having a guess as to dimensions.

This then gave me 6 short studs that I needed to rebate to allow for the diagonal knee bracing.

At home, the band saw did most of the work with just an additional saw cut and a few blows with a chisel.

Once out on site, the first four studs fitted easily and the two "flying blind" studs needed a few 20 minute adjustments.

Once all the studs were in I added the little extensions to all the studs that did not quite reach down to the very bottom of the header beams.

Now I am all set up for attaching the gyprock from the inside (though that is probably some time off).

Finally I ran around with some cold galvanising to protect where I had drilled in to the diagonal braces to screw in to the studs.

By now it was getting late so I packed away all the tools I no longer needed and started to consider the flashing.

I played around with a few pieces - I have been concerned that I might need to cut 20 mm off all the veranda joists in order to insert the flashing but so far it looks like this will not be necessary.

I stayed on site overnight - in the evening I had the chance to stack some more of the Marri floor boards and to clean up inside.

Stud fully rebated to fit around bracing

As seen from inside

As seen from outside

Progress by the end of the day