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2018-Nov-3 - Wooroloo - Windows #38
Today was pretty much a repeat of the work on the left hand bay window - with the exception that I managed to complete in a day the tasks that took me three separate weekends last time.

Firstly, I prepared to install the 45 degree wedges.

This takes more time than you would expect - I had to snip out some of the temporary weather proofing and support beams as well as cut the beams to length with a small handsaw and paint the exposed raw timber.

Next, I needed to take 20 mm off each purlin so that the flashing pans could be properly seated.

This needed a reciprocating saw and a die grinder to do the job.

After that - I used a paint brush and vacuum cleaner to remove all metal filings and other debris, followed by some cold galvanising of the raw exposed metal surfaces.

Jim and Sandy turned up at just the right moment to help me unload the utility and we roughly placed the bottom frame and flashing.

After a cup of coffee I fixed the bottom frame panels together and set up the brick stacks and levers to allow the frame to be lifted 100 mm and the flashing slipped in under.

I fixed the frame to the 45 degree wedges, then lifted the outer edge by just 2mm and adjusted the flashing pan to just the right position,

Next week I will repeat the process whereby I clamp some beams to retain the flashing pan in the right position, lift the panel by 100 mm and insert adhesive and sealant.

Who knows - I might be able to install the rest of the frame.

I worked hard today - up at 5.00 am, starting on site at 7.00 am and working through to 6.00 pm - so a good day's work in all.

45 degree wedges installed

Ends of purlins notched out by 20 mm

Lifting frame to install flashing

Flashing installed