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2018-Oct-20 - Wooroloo - Windows #36
On Friday evening I spent at least an hour loading the remaining panels for the first bay window on to the back of the utility.

It was a mixed batch of shapes and some are quite delicate and fragile. So a lot of time went in to securing them, without distorting them.

On Saturday, once out on site, about 10 minutes went in to raising the tarpaulin again and "un-moth balling" last week's work.

The first job was to fix off the bottom panel accurately and then unfix it and raise it by a couple of millimetres using the same technique as last week.

I was lucky, as this allowed me to adjust the pan position very accurately as I had hoped.

I then clamped beams up against the pan to lock in its position and raised the bottom panels by 100 mm.

This allowed me to push the pan upwards to give me some access to apply sealant and adhesive to the purlins lying underneath.

This part of the job did not go as well as I anticipated - mainly I did not have enough room to see what I was doing and to swing the applicator and accurately place the sealant.

Once the panels were dropped down in to place the positioning of the pan was excellent and I placed a few nails at the top edge of the front piece of flashing to pull every thing up flush.

The rest of the day went in to installing all the remaining panels for the bay window.

Jim very helpfully assisted me to raise two of the larger components and also gave me some 145 mm bugle head screws when I realised I needed them.

Products used for sealants, adhesives

Pan fixed and sealed

Progress by the end of the day