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2018-Oct-13 - Wooroloo - Windows #35
Saturday was forecast to be a wet and windy day, so on arrival, I spent an hour erecting the tarpaulin again.

Once more, for the first 4 hours of the day, this looked like a wasted effort.

However, around 2.30 pm the heavens opened up and a real storm of rain came down.

I was able to keep working without interruption.

The first job was to unload and install the 3 bottom panels I had brought with me.

This then allowed me to accurately mark out the position of the pans to go under the bay window.

I removed the panels and set to work placing the pan flashing.

This soon revealed that I needed to trim about 20 mm off most of the purlins so that the pans could sit properly in place.

Quite a few hours went in to this - I had to throw a variety of tools at the job - sabre saw, angle grinder, die grinder.

Eventually I had the pans in place but I needed to work out a way to raise, move and then lower the panels in to place - the combined assembly was heavy - probably 40 Kg alll up.

Initially I was planning on gluing down the pan and then lifting the panels up 200 mm, over and in to place.

I was contemplating errecting some scaffolding and using a chain block.

However this would have interfered with the tarpaulin I was already using.

Then it occurred to me that I could place the panels first, just raise them 100 mm and slide the pan pieces in underneath before setting the panels back down again.

Jim very kindly assisted me with this.

I used 24 calsil bricks and various lengths of timber to complete the exercise.

I was tired by now - so I have left it unfixed for the moment.

Next visit I will need to spend several hours getting the alignments just right and applying adhesive to the pan pieces.

Pan placed in position

First set of panels to be installed

Sliding the pan under the first set of panels