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2018-Aug-25 - Wooroloo - Windows #31
I was chastising myself for not attempting one of the diagonal purlins last week.

It was a good thing that I didn't.

This morning, while fresh and full of energy, I tackled this job and I had to throw at it just about every power tool that I have.

First of all I had to cut the brackets down in length.

Then I had to drill new holes.

For one of the brackets the holes ended up too close together and I needed to use my die grinder to enlarge them.

When fixing the brackets I needed to use the angle drill because access was so limited.

Finally after two hours I had this bracket installed.

After this I had one more diagonal bracket to do but this only took one hour.

Next I moved on to replacing some purlins on the other side.

One had been displaced by a large beam but by turning it around I could reinstall it using the same tag.

There were two other purlins where I had used a z purlin at the time.

I replaced these with purlins that had been liberated previously by the large beams.

Next I laid out the template on the right hand side and marked up the positions for all the right angle and diagonal purlin.

I installed 5 pairs of brackets for the right angle purlins and after this I packed up and went home.

Brackets in place for difficult purlin

Difficult purlin fitted

Second, slightly less difficult purlin fitted

Left hand side completed

Displaced purlin refitted

Brackets fitted on left hand side