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2018-Aug-18 - Wooroloo - Windows #30
During the week, during work breaks I drilled barely discernible hole impressions in to the blank bracket pieces through the template piece.

This was followed by pilot holes and finally 14 mm holes.

The plate bender worked brilliantly and I formed up 26 brackets in just half an hour.

I ground "dimples" in to half of the brackets to allow for those being fitted inside the concave side of existing purlins to have sufficient clearance from the flange - the brackets are 75 mm wide and the purlins are 100 mm but their return edge leaves an aperture of just 70 mm.

I applied cold galvanising to all the newly cut bright edges and then because I had bought a completely new can ($42 for 500 mm) I also coated every surface (the plate is zinc coated rather than hot dipped).

I also cut, to a rough length, the cross purlins to be installed using the brackets.

The main work here was cutting them in such a way as to form a tongue to insert in to the concave side of the existing C purlins.


I was out on site at about 8.30 am and worked until dark.

Even though I had everything prepared I was still disappointed at how slow my progress was.

By the end of the day I had installed the 4 straight purlins and also fabricated and installed the diagonal purlins on site.

Only once I was on site did I realise that the diagonal purlins will need to be repeated at an offset position in order to support some of the floorboards from inside the house.

The new template

Brackets bent up on the plate bender

Dimples ground in to some pieces, cold galvanised

More cold galvanising

The easy right angle purlins

The trickier diagonal purlins

Progress by the end of the day