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2018-Jul-21 - Wooroloo - Windows #26
I was out on site at 8.00 am and packed up in the dark at 6.00 pm.

Rain was forecast but I was determined to remove the two beams off the back of the utility (had been carrying them around since last weekend) and place them in position on the front veranda.

I spent the first hour rigging a tarpaulin that I bought on Thursday

I knew that at the slightest drizzle I would be saturated as I was working under the drip line of the temporary roof.

This would have made work impossible for the additional reason that to install the beams I had to expose the floorboards and I would have been frantically trying to cover these up with every shower.

I was disappointed initiallly as the day seemed fine and I was concerned that I had wasted my time.

However, after midday there were considerable downpours and I was able to keep working with very little effect on my efficiency.

It took me most of the rest of the day to remove the beams from the utility and to position them correctly using the template.

In both cases I needed to remove an existing purlin.

Later in the day I took the plunge and committed my self to perorming a full install for one beam.

This involved drilling two 12 mm holes through 6 mm of PFC and welding at the other end.

This involved retrieving and setting up multiple tools including my welder.

I managed to complete the work by 5 pm and spent the next hour putting away tools, replacing the warning bunting and tying down the tarpaulin - I was too tired to take it down properly.

I still have two beams that are positioned but are awaiting full installation.

Tarpaulin rigged

One beam installed fully