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2018-Jul-14 - Wooroloo - Windows #25
I couldn't get out to site last week because I was recovering from surgery to remove a BCC from my eyelid.

This was frustrating as the weather was good and I had the steel beams all ready to go.

So this week I was determined to start out on site as early as possible to beat the rain predicted for the afternoon.

I was up at 5.00 am and although I had the beams already loaded, I did not arrive on site until 7.00 am.

The first job was to remove all of the temporary veranda sheeting that was in the way of the next two beams.

I had thought that this would take about 10 minutes but instead it took 3 hours.

I also had to spend half an hour extending the warning bunting to cover the entire front veranda area.

Just as I finished this the rain arrived - earlier than expected.

Because I was working just under the edge of the temporary roof it meant that even a light drizzle would start dumping water on me because it was being collected across the total roof area.

I errected a large umbrella but this did not really help and I soon reached the conclusion that I could not do any more until I had a fine day.

So I packed up and was home by midday.

The beams are still on the back of the utility - at this stage I don't know when I will install them.

Beams ready to install

Temporary veranda covering lifted