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2018-Jun-30 - Wooroloo - Windows #24
I had a bad migraine on Friday afternoon and this always leaves me feeling fragile the next day.

(Actually it was what I call a déjà vu attack - but only people who suffer from this will know what I mean - fortunately it only happens about once a year)

I was up at 5.00 am but I had a lot of tasks to complete before I could get underway.

I had tools scattered across a number of storage places and I had to collect these together and place them in my utitlity.

Also I needed to load up two of the steel beams. They are heavy and the enamel top coat is still delicate so it was quite a job loading these in the dark first thing in the morning.

After all these preparations it was 8.00 am so I gave up on being out on site early and had a coffee with Ian before heading off, evenutally arriving at 9.00.

I rolled back the warning bunting that I had placed there earlier and lifted a few more sheets of corrugated iron that are temporarily covering the veranda purlins.

I had loaded the beams on to the utility the wrong way around so it was a bit of a performance rotating each beam through 180 degrees after I took it off.

Also lowering a beam in to its final position took a bit of finesse.

For the first beam I drilled and bolted two fixing holes at one end and welded it on to the longitudinal veranda beam at the other end.

I managed to position and mark off the second beam but ran out of time and energy to fix it down.

This will be a two hour job next time I am out on site.

Beams installed