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2018-Jun-23 - Wooroloo - Windows #23
Today I welded in the remaining three knee braces, applied rust converter, and managed to prime and top coat the second beam.

I am wondering where the day went - however - we did have to go and vote in the Darlington bielection and also we had some shopping at the pharmacy.

Having morning tea at Patch of Country would also have taken up some time.

In the evening I applied rust converter to the last two beams.


Early in the morning I washed off the excess ruster converter using a power washer and left the beams to dry in the sun.

After we returned from the movies I applied primer to both beams.


During a break from work I applied the enamel top coat.

Tuesday through Thursday

During breaks from work I made up templates and marked up all the e-joist beams for blocking and jack stud positions

Last two beams rust converted and ready to paint

All beams primed and top coated

Getting ready for blocking and jack studs