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2018-Jun-16 - Wooroloo - Windows #22
With what I had learned from my trial fit, I needed to make a few cuts and changes to the other three beams.

Much of the day went on notching out the remaining beams.

After this, I cut 4 plates out of some 150 mm x 10 mm stock steel plates.

I drilled two bolting holes in each piece and then spent most of the day welding these on to the notch.

Towards the end of the day I started working on marking up the position for additional supporting plate so that the beams will adequately support each arm of the bay window.

Just as it was getting dark I managed to tack one of these plates in to position.

On Monday and Tuesday evenings after work, I managed to tack in the remaining three platforms and then perform a full weld across the joint.

By Wednesday I was able to complete some more work on one of the beams.

I welded a knee brace in under the extra support platform.

Then I reapplied rust converter and washed it off the next morning with a power washer.

On Thursday I applied the zinc primer and several hours later the top enamel coat.

I had hoped to install this one beam out on site on Saturday but by Friday evening the enamel coat was still quite tacky.

I will stay home on Saturday and create knee braces for the remaining three beams.

All beams cut to length and notched

All bolting plates welded in

Starting to weld in additional support plates

First knee brace (and rust conversion)

Primed and top coated