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2018-Jun-9 - Wooroloo - Windows #21
I had a week off this week.

Most days I did some work towards installing the bay windows.

I did not do this log until a week later so I have forgotten the days that I did each task.

I visited site and painted the last face of the termite treated timbers.

I created the first test beam - this involved notching down to 90 mm and after allowing 10 mm for a bolting plate this will sit the beam at the same level as the veranda purlins.

I dropped this out on site and loaded up all the painted, treated, e-joist beams and brought them home.

The sheet metal shop emailed me that they had finished fabricating the pan and roof sheets for the bay windows.I picked them up the next day.

I took the template for the bay windows and cut off much of the unwanted timber, then cut the template into three, easily transported, pieces.

I took the template out on site, stripped back much of the veranda temporary cladding and tested installing the test beam. The beam would not quite drop in to position, and I did not have my angle grinder with me, so I left it in its half installed position, roped off the area with some warning bunting and headed home.

The next day I returned and after making a few nips and tucks I was able to place the beam correctly.

I then spent quite a few hours working out where each beam would go and how much extra plate needed to be welded on to give adequate support to each side of the bay windows.

Template sectioned in to 3 pieces

Test fitting of first beam

Information recorded on template after test

Bay window pans

Bay window roofs