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2018-May-19 - Wooroloo - Windows #18
On friday evening, after work, I brought two more e-joists down to the house to use as "lintels" inside the various panels of the bay window.

These beams are 6.6 metres long and are quite a performance to drag out from where they are stored.

I then strapped them on to the back of my utility and drove them from one driveway to another.

I needed to clamp one end on to a trolley and push the beam around like a wheelbarrow because they were quite heavy.


I really need to get some local sheet metal workers on to making up the pans and roof for each bay.

To this end, I am planning to take the full size template around to them.

In order to free up the template, I needed to build the second roof.

This went very well - I finished it in half a day, instead of the whole day that it took last time.

The second half of the day went into cutting up the e-joists to fit in to each panel.

This was a bit of a pain as my triton is the only machine I have that will cut through this width of material.

Unfortunately the depth comes up short by about 10 mm so I have to finish off with a hand saw.

I cannot fix these in yet as I intend to have them termite treated first.

I was very puzzled when I finished all the cutting as I appeared to have a longer piece of scrap left over than before.

I kept looking and looking at the finished work and convinced myself that all the pieces were done.

Somehow I must have had a blind spot as later when I walked past I noticed that one more piece needs processing.

This is a bit of a pain as I have vacuumed up all the sawdust and put all the tools away. Perhaps I will get to it on Sunday after we have gone to the movies.

The next job is to create the large supporting beams (150 PFCs) and to paint strip the window frames.

Retrieving the e-joists from storage

Second bay window roof completed

Set up to cut the e-joists

"Lintels" cut and placed for second bay window