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2018-May-12 - Wooroloo - Windows #17
I can never seem to get a clear run at this.

Today I intended to complete all the assembly work on the individual panels.

Instead, I spent all the morning picking up a window I had bought from a nearby demolition yard.

I was unhappy with the experience for two reasons.

Firstly, I am sure that they said $200 when we agreed on a price.

When I looked on the receipt for my deposit it said that the total price was $300.

I tend to doubt myself more than them, and even at $300 it was still good value.

I have had one very expensive quote to build the 4 side windows and two other joiners who did not seem very interested - so I have decided to purchase windows with sashes and cut them down.

The second reason I was not happy was that they said there would be some help on hand to load the window on to my trailer and there was no one.

I ended up removing the sashes from the frame and loading the components myself.

Once I had the trailer unloaded at home and the window in storage, I returned to creating the 9 panels for the second bay window.

I had one more attempt at creating the 22.5 degree stud frame sides. It turned out that I had enough spare timbers to repeat this. I chose straight grained pieces of treated pine, without knots.

I still have a slight bow in these new pieces but I am confident that I can eliminate this during construction.

I then laid out all the pieces on our large paved area and started fixing them together with my framing gun.


I was sure that I would finish construction today.

I completed all of the nailing and was about to go to the supermarket when Ian rang for coffee.

The supermarket was not quite open yet so a pause for coffee was a good idea.

After the supermarket I needed to nip down to Midland for pet supplies (Linda is away at the moment so I am looking after this) and to visit a friend in a nursing home.

I had enough time to screw some of the corner pieces together and then it was dark.

So it looks like another weekend is needed to complete construction.

Yes it looks like last week but it is nailed now