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2018-May-5 - Wooroloo - Windows #16
On Saturday morning I was out on site to retrieve some purlins to use in a busy bee for the computer museum.

After stopping at Dome on the way home I was able to start work at 10.00 am to create the second bay window framing.

I tackled the most difficult job first - slicing through 90 x 45 studs to achieve a 22.5 degree corner piece.

I kept having trouble here in that straight pieces of kiln dried CCA pine appear to have large internal stresses and will bend once sliced diagonally.

There are two pieces I would like to have a second attempt to produce but I was unsure if I had any spare timbers to replace them.

So instead of starting assembly I spent the whole day precutting every single piece that I would be using.

I laid all the pieces out so that I could check that I had ticked off every item needed in the "Bill of Materials".

I had fully expected to cut and assemble the panels in one day so I was disappointed that by the time I reached the end of the day all that I had achieved was the allocation and cutting of the timbers.

Components allocated and cut