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2018-Apr-28 - Wooroloo - Windows #15
Well this was a bit of a one step forward, one step back week.


I took advantage of the Anzac Day holiday to go out to site and perform a trial fitting of the left hand bay window framing - just to make sure I had not committed any incredibly stupid mistakes before repeating them on the right hand side.

I loaded up all 9 panels and the little "roof" panel and then headed out to site.

I had expected the installation to take just a few hours - after all, the panels were small, light and easy to handle.

Instead, I worked up to 5.30 pm before I had it completed and all my tools stored away.

Construction proceeded relatively easily with no major upsets (needed to chisel 4 mm off the corners of the top panels in order for them to fit).

At one stage, one side of the bay window looked like it would have a significant gap and angle against the main front wall of the house - but this remedied itself on its own once all the panels were installed.

Ian, very kindly helped me lift the "roof" on to the very top of the construction.

Also on Thursday he put in a lot of effort on his own to cover the bay window with a canvas when rain threatened.


First off I needed to visit Midland Timber to pick up all the treated pine that will be used in the next bay window - about $300 worth.

After unloading this at home, pausing for a coffee with Ian and heading out to site, it was 11.30 am before I started work.

Today I needed to uninstall the bay window and take it home.

Although this seems like a waste of effort there are a number of reasons why this is necessary.

Firstly I need to install some large PFC 150 beams across the veranda to take the load of the bay windows instead of them merely resting on the veranda joists - this is so that any bounce in the veranda, as someone walks across it, will not be transmitted to the bay windows and crack the plaster finish on the inside of the window.

Next I need to have two "pans" folded up in sheet metal so that rain falling on the veranda will not be able to "wick" along the joists in to the interior of the bay windows.

Finally, I am using quite a lot of e-joists in the bay window frames and I would like to give them an additional white ant treatment - this involves having the termite treater come out and spray them and then sealing them with an oil based paint to keep the barrier protected.

Anyway, I was surprised how long it took me to dismantle the window framing.

By the time I finished and put away all my tools, and made the veranda deck safe again, it was 3.00 pm.

Test installation of left hand bay window