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2018-Mar-24 - Wooroloo - Windows #10
During the week I dismantled the test wall and window structure at home to give myself some room on the veranda to start processing the bay window frames.

These are a pair of double hung sash windows, almost the same size as the kitchen window.

I will build up a suitable frame to hold these in a bay window structure that projects 600 mm in to the front veranda at Wooroloo.

I can recycle the timbers from the test wall in to a trial bay window frame.

If I manage to get it right the first time, then I may even install this structure as one of the windows.


Today I intended to make a brief visit to site to apply a second coat of Brunswick Green gloss paint to the architraves to finalise the patching after fixing.

I also wanted to finish reinstalling the temporary corrugated iron decking down the side.

I was finding it really hard to get myself moving and I would have been quite happy to just stay at home and work on something there.

Just as I was almost ready to go, Trevor rang me up to assist me with a technical issue I am having with a C# api controller in a web service - so I took that as a sign to give up on Wooroloo today.

The technical issue took a couple of hours to sort out and it was around 11.00 am before I made a start on Wooroloo constuction work.

During the week I had mainly deconstructed the first of the pair of windows.

I still needed to remove the last of the staff beads and denail them.

Then most of the rest of the day went on repeating this process for the second window.

By the end of the day I had two sets of windows with all their sashes removed and all beading removed and denailed.

The window frames themselves are pretty good but will need some repairs. Some of the beading cracked and will also need some repairs.

The next job is to paint strip every thing on any fine days and start constructing the test framing.

I will need 4 additional fixed window frames and once I am sure of my dimension I need to commission these to be built.

Test window frame deconstructed to timbers

Two windows completely deconstructed

Broken beading I need to repair