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2018-Feb-24 - Wooroloo - Stairwell #1
I actually want to be working on the bay windows for the front of the house but I have no room to work because of the stacks of sliced up tree invading that veranda of our Mundaring residence.

Once these are cut to size and cleaned up, they take up a lot less room so I have diverted myself for one or two weekends on that.

I am having to pay Dean to fix up even my dressed pieces of timber - concave on the edges and a difference of 0.5 mm from one side to the other.

So, for the first 4 hours on Saturday I fiddled around with my jointer/thicknesser to improve the outcome. By judicious use of a set of feeling gauges I was able to insert various packers in to the machine to achieve a better result.

A large number of the piece of raw material are sub 250 mm - so I can process these myself and biscuit them together.

My machine can only deal with a maximum of 250 mm so it is better to pass the wider pieces to Dean. So far I have only been dealing with the smaller, rougher pieces, but even some of the larger pieces will need to cut in half due to splits running through the heart wood.

Narrow piece of raw timber

Wide piece of raw timber (has fault line)

Still to do

After first rough cut


Finished pieces