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2018-Feb-17 - Wooroloo - Street Level Cladding #13
Taking it easy today.

I did not leave home until 8.30 am and stopped at Dome for a coffee on the way out.

I installed the vertical architraves today.

Who would have thought that cutting 4 pieces of timber to size and nailing them on to the window and door reveals would take the rest of the day !

Though in my own defence, I am not just nailing these on with a brad nailer - the architraves are jarrah - new but still brittle. I am predrilling each hole with three different size drill bits and soaping up the nail - all to avoid any splits.

Each nail is countersunk below the surface. My last task was to apply filler over the nail holes. It is going to take one more visit to sand back the filler and tidy up the architraves with some heritage Brunswick Green enamel paint.

Progress by the end of the day