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2018-Jan-20 - Wooroloo - Street Level Cladding #10
I spent a full day on site and I was pretty happy with my efforts.

Today was one of those unglamorous days that have to be invested before painting a wall.

I patched all the fixing holes for the window frame and the door frame as well as the header architraves.

I also inserted SikaFlex Pro in to each gap between the WeatherTex boards.

This was done following a video I found on the WeatherTex site.

First you apply masking tape either side of the gap, and below, then squirt in the sealant, then level it using a spatula and finally strip off the masking tape.

I still need to make a mid week visit to site and apply enamel over all the window/door patches and apply water based primer over the board joints.

I should be able to apply the first coat of Heritage Cream next weekend.


(Public Holiday - Australia Day)

I lightly rubbed back the primer I had applied over the architrave, window frame and door frame patching.

I applied Heritage Cream and Brunswick Green enamel as appropriate.

I also applied water based primer over the SikaFlex Pro fillers for the gaps between planks.

I allowed 2 hours for the primer to dry and then started applying the water based top coat.

It's a long time since I did any large area painting and my shoulders became very tired very quickly.

Eventually I settled in to an efficient routine - using a good quality brush to fill in under the overlap and top face on each plank and a small half roller to complete the vertical face.

By the end of the day I had completed from the front corner up to the kitchen window frame.

Hopefully on Saturday I can complete the first coat up to the far corner.

Masking tape applied

Sealant applied

Sealant levelled

Patching architraves

Gap filler primed, start of top coat

Top coat finished to kitchen window