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2018-Jan-6 - Wooroloo - Street Level Cladding #8
The first job today was to paint the previously installed z flashing over the doorway with etch primer.

This will eventually allow me to turn the bright silvery raw aluminium finish in to a classic cream colour to match the rest of the wall.

Hopefully it will become less obvious then. Because it has been folded out of very thin metal it is showing every ripple and small crease.

If it still does not look great cosmetically then I will have some colour bond metal folded to the same profile and install that instead.

When I installed this piece of flashing I had the idea that it could only be installed as the cladding was applied.

After some experience I can now see that my first attempt could be pulled off and replaced at any time.

Anyway - I will wait and see how it looks when the whole wall is painted.

While the etch primer was drying I moved on installing the architrave above the kitchen window.

I learned from my previous experience that I could easily trim away some of the adhesive flashing to present a clear area on the edge of the reveal and allow a 5mm setback.

I marked up the corners of the reveal and then used a procedure I had chanced upon while working on the doorway.

I took two small scraps of architrave that corresponded to the runs down the jamb and clamped them exactly in position at the top corners of the frame.

These, being small, were easy to manipulate and position precisely.

This then gave me two advantages.

Firstly I could easily take a measurement between them and secondly they gave me a convenient support as I adjusted the cut piece for level and fit.

Installation of the top architrave then proceeded relatively efficiently.

Next I moved on to folding up a second z flashing to go over the kitchen window architrave.

Again, my second attempt went more easily and I tacked this in position with some sealant and pieces of gaffer tape.

This then left me with only two simple runs of planks to install down the entire wall of the building.

Initially I was concerned with how I would fix the last run - it projected above the top plate of the wall and the nailing would not be hidden.

Then it occurred to me that I did not need to nail it at all - I just had to slip it up under the ridge edge covering I had previously loosened and once this was tightened it would be held securely in place.

When I go to install the loft framing I will probably pop this top most run off - without any fuss or damage.

So by the end of the day I had the east wall clad.

I imagine that I still have 3 weekends of work to perform here - I still need to apply SikaFlex pro to all the joins, repair any damage to the gloss paintwork caused by fixing, and paint the whole wall twice

Etch priming the z flashing over the doorway

Using scraps to facilitate architrave installation

Kitchen window top architrave installed

Folding up a z flashing

Z flashing installed

Looking much tidier once plank installed above

Progress by the end of the day