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2017-Dec-16 - Wooroloo - Street Level Cladding #5
I remembered how hot it became on Monday so I spent the necessary half hour to set up the tarpaulin to cover the side of the house I was working on. This made a tremendous difference.

Last week I was partway through flashing the doorway.

Because there was 10 mm of gap to fill in on the RHS it made it difficult to slide the poly flash in to the machine groove on the side of the frame - the flashing kept veering in to the gap space.

Last week I had filled this gap in with SikaPro and after letting it cure for a week I found that it provided a solid base for directing the movement of the flashing as I fed it in to its groove.

The header of the door had a 15 mm gap which I had started filling with polly rod, and again, this was now firm enough for me to top it up with more SkiaPro and smooth it off.

The main job now was to install some polly flash over the header but layered under the existing building wrap.

I took a lot of care with this and it probably took me two hours to finish this job.

After a break I installed the external staff beading around the window. This was rather fraught as I had spent many hours paint stripping these pieces of timber, bogging them, priming them and enamelling them.

I went to a lot of trouble to install them accurately.

Again, I completed the flashing by installing the head flashing. This time I was a little quicker.

There will be additional flashing in the form of a Z flash over the header architrave when this is installed after the cladding.

I was pleased to see that the huntsman eggs had hatched and that the mother spider had moved away - so I was able to clean up the front corner surface and staple the building wrap around it.

With a storm coming I spent a few minutes nailing a temporary batten over the only vulnerable section of building wrap that I could see.

Just then Sandy and Jim turned up - so I carried all my tools down in my wheelbarrow and we had a coffee and a chat.

I am hoping that on my next visit I can install the starter rails for the cladding and the corner timbers, ready to start cladding in earnest

Door flashing completed

Window external staff beads installed

Window flashing completed

Progress by the end of the day