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2017-Dec-9 - Wooroloo - Street Level Cladding #4

I had finished painting the window frame and the door frame with enamel but this was still very fragile.

I asked Ian to come over and help me load them on to the back of the utility and the trailer.

With two people it was much easier to avoid all the bumps and scratches - so many thanks Ian.


I was out on site at 7.00 am and unloaded the door frame off the trailer first.

I then unhitched the trailer so that I could more easily remove the window frame from off the back of the utility.

Both frame survived the process with a minimum of damage.

Installing the window accurately was a slow process for the first time but the previous experience with the test window helped a lot.

It was after midday before I tackled the door frame.

However, I found I had a gap that needed 30 mm of packing and decided that I would thickness a 35 mm piece of CCA pine at home down to this dimension and install on a later day.

I then moved on to adding more building wrap on this side of the building.

I finished the lowest strip.

I needed to run this around the front corner of the house but when I removed the temporary side facing I discovered a huntsman mother spider was in the way. She was very bravely protecting and egg sack and I did not have the heart to disturb her.

I decided to leave her exposed to sunlight and hoped that during the night she would relocate herself and her egg sack to somewhere else.

After this I patched up the fixing points on the window frame and packed up my tools.


I thought I had managed to repair my main work notebook but when I booted it on Saturday it went back to its old fault and froze on startup, unable to even perform a safe start.

I could not really do any work on Monday (Linda's machine was not available because she had to do some urgent accounting work on hers.

Instead I decided I might as well go to site and do something useful.

By now I had a piece of 90 x 30 mm CCA pine and I fastened this to one side of the rough opening.

Installing the door frame accurately took a long time and it was midday before I was completed.

I then went on to filling in some of the gaps with polly and Sika Pro sealant.

This all needs to be left to harden a little before I can complete the job.

By now it was so hot that I could not think straight so I packed up and went home

Frames delivered on site

Window Frame Installed

Huntsman mother spider and egg sack

Moved on to installing more building wrap

Door frame installed