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2017-Dec-2 - Wooroloo - Street Level Cladding #3
All I did on site this weekend was to add the top run of house wrap.

Even this was not a simple task - I had to back off the roofing screws on the apex cladding to allow the sheet to slip in and cover the top stud plate.

Then it was tricky, on my own to line the 6 m length of wrap up accurately before stapling it on to the stud frame.

I managed to do this by performing a rough set up using many pieces of gaffa tape, followed by an accurate stretching and placement of the sheet.

Finally I cut around the window and door and wrapped these tails on to the stud frame.

It was only 10 am and there were many jobs I could have carried on with.

However, I noticed this morning that my main work computer had been completely screwed up by a windows upgrade (could not even do a 'safe' startup) so I was anxious to get home and deal with that.

Much of Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday went in rebuilding my machine.

However, it still sometimes stalls on startup so perhaps it is a hardware issue after all.


First, I fitted the jamb flashing to the window frame - this involved stapling the poly flash near the groove in the frame surface and applying sealer.

Another small I job I managed to knock over on Sunday morning was some challenging work on the table saw.

For the butt corners, for the cladding to work up against, I have purchased some 40 mm square timber and wished to cut out a 20 mm x 20 mm corner so that it would seat correctly.

I did not manage a perfect job but it is good enough.

I also created the two sides of a "poor man's pan break" - two lengths of 45 x 90 jarrah machine with an 8 degree chamfer off the top.

I will use this to fold up a z flashing to go over the top architrave of the window and door.

During the week I primed and top coated the corner timbers.

Top row of building wrap added

Flashing fixed to window frame jambs

Corner timbers

Poor man's pan break