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2017-Nov-25 - Wooroloo - Street Level Cladding #2
I was out on site today.

Also I was aware that Ross had a garage sale and I was keen to have a look.

I had two small jobs that I was sure I could knock over in half an hour and then I would go and visit him.

The first was to nail two pieces of 35 mm pine in to the rough window opening for the kitchen.

This was necessary because I had built the stud frame assuming the presence of the coil springs on the windows.

At the time I did not understand what these were. It was only later, when I realised that they were difficult to replace, that I decided to convert the windows to spiral balance springs and hence lose 35 mm off each side.

It should have been a quick job to install these packers - just a few 75 mm nails in to the jarrah opening.

However, it has been a while since I worked on the frames and I had lost the knack of driving nails in to very hard jarrah. I ended up bending quite a few nails and needing to drill out the nail hole leaving only 20 mm of hard nailing.

So this job took an hour instead of 10 minutes.

I visited Ross at this point and picked up some very useful items at very reasonable rates - roller stands, clamps, extension lead.

The next job was to cut out the piece of base plate across the bottom of the double 820 door frame rough opening.

I was expecting this to be very easy - just a few cuts through some pine, while avoiding scratching up the piece of right angle flashing already installed.

I promptly ran in to some unexpected nails. I eventually realised that these were from where the strapping bent arount the bottom plate of the stud and was nailed off - a bit of a construction mistake.

I made a hell of a mess of one of my favourite chisels and had to use a hack saw blade to cut away a few centimetres of strapping, plus a touch up with some cold galvanising..

This simple job ended up taking me 2 hours.

Next I moved on to tacking up the building wrap - this took the rest of the day and I still have one more top strip to run.

To do this I will need to back off all the roofing screws holding on the edge of the temporary roof.

So - another disappointing day - I had expected to complete all this by mid day and be home to finsih painting all the beading.

On the positive side, it really looks like something is happening with the building wrap now going up.

35 mm spaces added to rough window opening

Cutting out the bottom plate is a real mess

And really destroyed one of my favourite chisels

But it turned out ok in the end

Building wrap by the end of the day