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2017-Nov-11 - Wooroloo - Windows #9
First job this morning was to install the balance springs for the lower sash.

This was a job I wanted to approach while I was fresh as it needed quite some thinking.

The action on the two sashes is OK but not brilliant.

I replaced the two screws holding the upper sash spring balance with smaller heads hoping that will ease the last 20 mm of travel - not much improvement.

I have a feeling that the upper sash springs are too long.

The next job was to peel off the masking tape on the sashes before it went too hard.

Again, cosmetically a bit of a rough job, but I know what to do next time.

I had a few pieces of beading from the live window frame that still need some layers of paint stripped off - so I left these sitting with paint stripper for a while.

The live window frame has now had all its holes and dents filled. The only job left was to route out a groove to take the flashing on the jambs and then to prime it with oil based paint.

Then back to the paint stripping and finally some sanding work to strip the last smears of paint off the beading.

The next job off the rank is to sand and patch the multitude of beading and then prime it.

I am aiming to have the parting bead installed in to the frame and then top coated along with the rest of the frame.

Lower sash spiral spring installed

Live window frame primed

Beads stripped awaiting repairs