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2017-Nov-4 - Wooroloo - Windows #8
Saturday and Sunday I worked on two projects in parallel.

One was to continue fitting the test sashes in to the test window frame, install all the staff and parting beads and the spiral spring balances.

The other project was to continue patching the live window frame with bog, particularly where I had removed the coil spring balances.

On the test window I spent quite some time working out exactly where the staff beads should be reinstalled.

Essentially we need to end up with 15 mm projecting over the sash, or the lower edge aligning with the external sill edge.

I received my 2.75 x 6 mm router bit during the week and used this to insert the weather proofing. This worked very well.

I had anticipated needing to route a couple of millimetres off the face of the external staff beads to avoid too much compression, but found that this was uneccesary - by using the existing face I ended up with 2 mm compression which is exactly to specification.

I found installing the balance springs to be quite tricky (and I still need to set up the lower sash this coming weekend).

Generally the sliding action is good but it sticks a little in the last 20 mm - I think the head on the securing screw is projecting in to the channel.

For the live window frame - I went to a lot of trouble to patch every dent and scratch.

I believe that this will come up very well once it is painted with the top enamel.

I have worked out that I can flash and install the window frame, as well as its external staff beads as long as I leave the centre window bead off for the moment.

This will allow me to install all the parting beads and even the architraves and flashing but still come back later and install the sashes as a separate step,

Also during the week my sprig driver arrived - this is for installing the glazing points in to the window frames as I recondition them.

I have calculated that in all I will need to drive in at least 640 points.

This driver will relieve me of a lot of strain and reduce the chance of me sticking a big thumb mark in to my fresh putty work.

The driver is very expensive but I believe it is worth it.

Testing window set up with both sashes

Sprial window balance springs

Weather proofing strip rebated in to staff bead

Filling in dents and holes in the live window fram