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2017-Oct-28 - Wooroloo - Windows #7
Here is a question that will only make sense to people living in Perth,Western Australia:

If you were travelling South down Roe Highway with the intention to turn West in to Orrong rd and you saw an exit sign that said "Orrong East" would you take the exit ?

I needed to buy some architraves and some 40 mm square jarrah from Auswest Timbers.

They are on Orrong road not far from the Leach Highway intersection.

As you can guess - I did not take the exit.

Next I was expecting to see a Welshpool Rd exit but did not see that either.

By the time I left the freeway I had an extra 15 km round trip to re-enter Orrong road.

Once I found Auswest I was quite happy.

The staff were helpful and although jarrah is now expensive - I have decided that it is a better use of my time to buy new architraves rather than attempting to patch up salvaged material.

By the time I dropped through Bunnings for some metal screws, it was after midday when I returned home.

After this - I achieved nothing - very tired for some reason and not even interested in house building.

We are going to skip the movies tomorrow and I really hope I can make some progress.


I worked steadily all day on restoring the "live" window frame.

The first job was to use an orbital sander and manual sandpapering to remove the last few smears of old paint.

I made sure to wear a mask and to vacuum up any dust immediately.

On one side there was a bit of a split in the jamb so I applied glue and screwed in 4 bugle head 65 mm wood screws.

I went to a lot of trouble to countersink and drill the screw holes out in varying bit sizes - so there was no forcing of the screw or any further cracking.

Next I cut and glued 4 pieces of jarrah scrap to fill in the holes left by the removal of the coil spring balances.

I left the glue to set for a little while and then drilled and nailed these to the frame.

There are a lot of minor repairs still outstanding on this window frame.

Having completed this basic restoration work I can now mount the table on some horses, out in the open.

I don't like using the bog in a confined space.

General sanding completed

Split in RHS jamb

Glued and screwed

Filling in the holes from the coil springs