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2017-Oct-21 - Wooroloo - Windows #6
I'm tending to be a bit slack when working from home.

On Saturday I did not start until 9.00 am and took a number of breaks during the day.

However, I made up for it by also working all of Sunday - again at a fairly sedate pace.

The main issue is that the window reconditioning consists of many small jobs, some of which require waiting time in between.

During the week I continued with little pieces of work at the end of the day.

In no particular order, by the end of the week, I:

Applied bog to fill in much of the damage to the external staff beads.

Applied masking tape to the sashes.

Painted the two sashes, window frame and staff beads with the "Heritage Cream" top coat.

Set up the router table ready to rebate the staff beads.

Dismantled the "live" window frame ready for stripping.

Stripped the "live" window frame.

It is just as well that I am practicing on the "test" window as I am making many discoveries along the way

One of these, is that even after two weeks, the glazing putty can still wrinkle when primer and top coat is applied.

The lesson here is to paint the majority of the window but come back to the putty several months later.

Also I need to bog and refinish a lot of the surfaces much more thoroughly - on the "test" frame and beads, after painting with the top coat, I can see many blemishes that I have overlooked.

My work is held up to some extent by the necessity of waiting for the delivery of a modified router bit to seat the insulation material.

I have been told that this needs to be 2.75 in diameter and 6 mm deep.

I am not sure how critical this is but the only way to obtain it is to have a 3mm bit ground down to 2.75 mm.

This is holding up the rebating of the external staff bead until I have a chance to assemble the test window frame complete with insulation "hair".

In the meantime I have proceeded on to working on the "live" window frame and its beading.

The beading still needs stripping and after that there is a lot of work to bog up all the blemishes.

I am also having to spend big dollars at the moment - the next pack of cladding ("WeatherTex") is costing my $4200 and the double door frame is around $460.

At some point I need to visit AusWest timbers to purchase some architraves.

I am working towards assembling together all the materials I will need to install the kitchen window and double 820 door frame and then proceed with cladding that wall.

Staff beading with top coat

Sash window with top coat

Test Frame with top coat

Real frame paint stripped