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2017-Sep-25 - Wooroloo - Windows #2
On Saturday we went to Jim and Sandy's wedding.

Great people and an amazingly creative event.

Sunday we went to see the second Kingsman in the franchise.

I'm afraid the critics were right.

Monday was a public holiday so I was finally able to make a start on reconditioning the windows.

Just about all day went on tidying up and preparing the work area.

I need my table saw ready to use to create the pine wedges used to reassemble a window.

I also need my grinding stone accessible to repair the grevious damage I have inflicted on my best chisel.

I then proceeded to inflict the same damage by using the chisel to remove some very hard putty from the last sash window I had been working on several months ago.

Towards the end of the day I managed to clean up one of the sashes quite well.

I will just need to finish it off with a minimal amount of manual sanding.

I am stripping these back to bare wood as I am sure they have many coats of lead paint.

I now just have small traces of paint and manual sanding will release very little lead.

Monday to Friday

During breaks in work I : sanded off the last traces of paint, routed out a larger groove to accept 4mm glass, created pine wedges, glued and wedged the frame together, filled in any damage using bog, routed out grooves for the balance spring to run inside, primed the sash

Sash disassembled

Old pine wedges

Pine sliced up to prepare new wedges

Wedged, glued, clamped

Grooves routed for spring balance