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2005-May-7 - Wooroloo - Cutting up the tree roots that were cleaned from near the creek
My neighbour Ross used his Bobcat to clean up all the rubbish the previous owners left between the fill and the creek line - lots of wild oats and other weeds, piles of earth and all the uprooted tree roots from the previous owner's land clearing
You will see in some of these photographs how this has all been cleaned up
Unfortunately, of course, I ended up with 7 large tree roots piled up in the middle of the block
I didn't want to have a huge bonfire - so I've spent about 6 weekends cutting the tree roots up in to manageable portions and have encouraged the neighbours and their friends to take them away for fire wood.
This is a very slow process because even though I brush all the earth out of the wood - there is still a lot of "mud" inside them from termite activity and this blunts the chainsaw blade very quickly.
I end up spending 10 minute sharpening and 3 minutes cutting before the blade goes blunt again.
Also wears the chains down very quickly - going through a chain after every 4th visit.
I saved all the hollow portions during the process.
Our verandah now has a large number of hollow logs stored on it. When I get time I will hoist them up in to the trees to provide homes for possums and other creatures.

tree root cutting

small logs cleaned out by hand

the cleaned up area

the creek is still choked with weeds

and needs cleaning