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2017-Aug-26 - Wooroloo - Temporary Roof #20
During the week, I took a two hour lunch break on 3 days (and worked back later at night).

On these three visits I managed to install the last timber fixing points, cut out 4 sheets of metal and install the last of the sheets.

On Saturday, my first job was to tidy away the sump.

This involved pushing the power cord through the conduit, cleaning away dirt stopping the lid closing properly, setting up the spare pump so that it could be used in emergencies, and tidying up the lengths of 40 mm pipe so that they can be quickly plugged in to each other.

Next I moved on to tidying up the raw materials for the barge capping.

I had several pieces with some bad dents and distortions and I had intended just to cut them out and use a multiple of small pieces to span the distance.

I thought I would have a go at panel beating this lot and it turned out surprisingly well.

A second piece had a number of holes chopped in to it and I applied patches with silastic and very small tek screws.

Although rather scrappy up close, this looked quite smart once installed and viewed from the ground.

To install the barge cladding on the other side of the building I needed to set up new scaffolding.

I could have just run a plank between two ladders but this was not all that safe or stable.

Also I needed to move it around as I work along the side of the building.

I decided to use my rolling scaffold but clamp on some extra pipe to create a working platform at 2 metres off the ground.

This took me a couple of hours but worked out quite well.

Once I had this in place I was able to remove the nailed timber battens I had previously installed to hold the black plastic in place.

I am now using the strategy of installing long runs of timber along the whole edge so that I can quickly fix off the sheeting.

On this side I filled in the gaps and took a set of measurements - distance along and height up.

This will let me prepare all the sheeting at home.

I did not have time to install timber edges on the back portion but, again, I took all the measurements I need.

If I am really lucky next week, I can install the missing timber edge, fix off the sheeting and even install the barge capping.

Monday, Tuesday

During breaks from work I cut out the profiles for the front and back gable covers on Rosse's side of the house.


During my lunch break I nipped out to site to install some attachment timbers on the back, east joist edges to allow the gable covering to be fixed off.

The barge capping I plan to use is a bit of a random collection of messy pieces.

I brought a couple of pieces home for cleaning.


I cleaned up the pieces of barge capping.

Gable cladding Ian side finished

Rolling scaffold extended

Sheet metal prepared for more gable covering

More attachment timbers installed