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2017-Aug-5 - Wooroloo - Temporary Roof #18
It was a very foggy morning - particularly at the Chidlow turnoff and the Lakes turnoff but this all cleared as I came in to Wooroloo.

Today I wanted to start putting in some trimdeck to cover the gable faces.

I have been protecting the floorboards with drapes of black builder's plastic but this has a tendancy to flip up during storms and ends up leaving some of the floorboards wet.

It took me about two hours to move some existing scaffolding pipes and brackets up to the correct height and to cover them with planks that I brought down from off the roof.

After this it took me a a while to get in to the rhythm of work.

Initially I installed sheeting without trimming it first - I had to get up on top of the roof and trim it from there.

After a while I realised that I could mark up each piece and trim it before installing it.

Initially I used an angle grinder with a 1 mm disk but once this ran out I used power shears.

I also needed to insert various pine blocks for the sheeting to attach to using roofing screws.

Sometimes it was a little tricky setting up the pine blocks as I would need several layers of them.

I almost finished the front quarter nearest to Ian.

I will need to decide how far I go with this - do all areas up front or only once there are floorboards to protect ?

Ross very kindly continued trimming trees and having a bonfire.

Scaffolding set up


Progress by end of day