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2017-Jul-22 - Wooroloo - Temporary Roof #17
Today I aimed to install the last small section of roofing as well as the ridge capping.

I managed to complete both.

On the good news front, after jury rigging the last few pieces of sheet in to position, several days ago, I had no leaks at all down in the garage area - I'm very pleased about that.

Basically I had to install 4 small rafters (bolted to the centre form at one end, coach screwed to the existing rafters at the other) and then some battens. Finally I had to fix down the 1.4 metre sheeting lengths I prepared about 6 weeks ago.

Fixing the ridge cap was unknown territory but I remember Ian H telling me you had to squash them down as flat as possible before fixing them off.

I applied a lot of tek screws and silastic - going to be tricky getting it undone later.

Once the ridge capping was installed I was able to remove all sorts of black plastic and oddments from off the roof so left it quite tidy by the end of the day.

Rafters and battens in

Sheets fixed, ridge capping installed