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2017-Jul-17 - Wooroloo - Temporary Roof #16
I wanted to work an extra day on site during my week off work.

Rain was forecast for most of this week but Monday looked like the best day.

I was lucky - no rain at all for the whole day.

I did not need to fit anymore frames - just the last pair of rafters and battens.

I started pretty late as I was already physically tired from clean up work around our residence on Sunday.

Work was a bit frustrating at first - I had to stop and sharpen several drill bits before I could drill through the PFC.

The battens went down quite quickly and also it was a "bonus" day - ie I installed one set of rafters and battens but got to install 2 runs of corrugated sheeting.

So - by the end of the day I had managed to install all of the second major part of the roof.

I still need to cover a narrow (one metre) corridor down my beach head area before all of the roof is completely covered.

I also need to install the ridge capping and then some gable sheeting - so maybe a few weeks more work before I can turn my attention to installing some windows.

There are no floorboards installed under the back section of the temporary roof but I am planning on doing this in summer as I will need to progressively remove sections of the roof.

Some rain is forecast for next Saturday but I may be lucky.

Last set of rafters installed

Battens installed

Last major sheeting installed

View from the back