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2017-Jul-8 - Wooroloo - Temporary Roof #14
Another day, another run of roofing.

There was a little bit of extra work on this one as I had to install a special frame along the edge of the wet area.

I needed 10 battens, pretty much in the same position as the previous run.

My start in the morning was delayed as I needed to unload some timber - I popped out on Friday during my lunch break and picked up 40 metres or 40 x 70 mm at a very good price.


A late start - I was out on site at 10 am after enjoying a cooked breakfast at Dome.

Also Sandy and Jim visited for coffee mid morning and Rob rang me late afternoon.

I did not expect to fully install a second run today so I was pretty relaxed about any delays.

I managed to install the rafter runs and another roofing frame on the edge of the wet area.

Also I am trying a different technique for cutting and installing the battens.

I made up a long gauge with all the batten positions of the previous rafter and just transferred them on to the new rafter - this was a lot quicker than running backwards and forwards with a tape measure.

Then at each position I clamped a long timber in place, marked it up and cut it on the drop saw.

As night fell I managed to cut and place each batten, though they haven't been fixed down yet.

This is a quick job I could pop out and do during a lunch break if the rain holds off during the week.

Rob wanted to see what my winter creek looks like - so that is why there are a few pictures of that.


I started work early in the morning so that I had an extra hour up my sleeve during my lunch break.

This let me nip out to site, fix the precut battens down and fix down the next corrugated sheeting run.

I am get very efficient at placing, cutting and fixing the battens down. I'm pleased about that as when I first started this was taking up half the day.

Progress by the end of Saturday

Frames and rafters Sunday

Battens cut to length end of Sunday

Views of winter creek for Rob to look at

Progress after quick visit on Monday