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2017-Jul-2 - Wooroloo - Temporary Roof #13
All of Friday, the weather was fine, The skies were blue. I said to anyone who would listen "I can't believe they are forcasting heavy rain for Saturday."

It turns out they were right, and it was a good decision of mine to have Saturday off and work on the house on Sunday.

All of Saturday, as the rain fell, I said to anyone who would listen "I can't believe they are forcasting a fine day tomorrow".

Again they were right and when the sun eventually came up the sky was blue.

What I failed to pay attention to was the additional caveat "Heavy Frost".

I was out on site at 6.30 am but the whole building site was one vast skating rink.

Even, the wooden access steps were slick with rain that had frozen.

I carefully carried up all my tools and any building supplies - one hand holding the hand rails, the other hand carrying whatever I could.

Eventually I had everything ready to go but it was still too dangerous to move around on the bare steel joists.

I installed one more short rafter on the ridge but apart from that I had to wait until 10.30 am before enough ice had melted.

In particular, when I carried up the corrugated iron sheeting I wanted to use, a layer of water had been trapped and frozen between two layers and shattered in to shards of ice.

I had about ten short battens to install. The rafter was already there.

I had hoped to progress beyond one run of sheeting - but somehow this took all day.

By the time I screwed down the sheeting and filled in any old nail holes with silastic, it was time to pack up and head home

I am hoping there is one fine day this week where I can shoot out to site and haul the tarpaulin support arm up on to the existing roof so that I can work on the last 4 metres.

There are also a number of roofing frames that need installing before I can make any progress so I am hoping that next week is not a bit of a fizzer.


Progress by the end of the day