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2017-Jun-24 - Wooroloo - Temporary Roof #12
I was out on site at 6.30 and spent the usual hour getting started - bringing up tools, removing the temporary black plastic protection, hauling out screws, bolts, etc.

The work I had done previously on Monday and Tuesday helped a lot but I still had to spend quite a lot of time working out the batten positions as I transistioned from one set of sheet lengths to another.

Installing the battens still took a surprising length of time - I think it is because I have to walk around very careful on the bare floor joists even though this is assisted by some scaffolding planks.

The work was also tricky because I had reached the postion where the tv antenna is mounted and I decided it was simpler to cut a slot in the sheet rather than relocate the antenna.

This helped to some extent in that I used a short intermediate sheet to deal with the complications of the edge and was able to use a slightly shorter main sheet.

I wasted a bit of time choosing the slotted sheet - the first piece I looked at did not have exactly the right profile (it seemed squashed and elongated) so I had to dig through my dwindling supplies for something else.

Today was a bonus day in that installing one set of battens allowed me to install two widths of sheeting - this is because each set of rafters add 900 mm but each sheet takes up 760 mm after allowing for overlap.

Screwing the sheets down took a little bit of time as well because I had to remember where one batten spacing ended and another started.

Towards the end of the day I reconfigured the temporary black plastic sheeting to protect the ridge line (will install the ridge capping soon).

I also tidied away a few items so that I could push the tarpaulin support arm to one extreme side to squeeze in the next 900 mm rafter support frame.

Again, applying sheeting and putting away tools almost took an hour.

Sandy and Jim visited me just as I finished up.

We have quite a few fine days coming up next week so I am hoping to make a 5 am start to my working days and then spend 2 hours travelling and working on site on each day.


Today I woke with a déjà vu attack - happens about once a year following a very minor stroke I had 12 years ago after heart surgery to correct a mitral valve prolapse.

It’s hard to describe what I experience but it is similar to experiencing déjà vu for a solid 5 hours.

All my thoughts and recollections seem to have phantom thoughts and memory echos avalanching off them.

It leaves me tired and my brain fuzzy for the rest of the day.

After sleeping for most of the morning, my brain was still fuzzy but my body felt fit enough.

I decided to go out to site for the afternoon and at least achieve some progress on the building, even if I was not together enough to stay in my office and do some program coding.

I managed to install another mid rafter support frame, the two rafter beams and the remaining ridge support frame down the centre of my "beach head" area.

I was quite pleased with what I managed to do. Plus it was a very pleasant winter's day with some cloud cover but no rain.

Rafters and battens set up

Sheeting fixed down

Another rafter run

Ridge frame installed