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2017-Jun-17 - Wooroloo - Temporary Roof #11
I was out on site by 6.30 and even though it was dark I started carrying up my tools to the loft floor.

I wanted to install the next mid rafter support frame.

However, I also needed to install a long pine 45 x 90 beam along the exact centre of the floor to give me a bracing spine when I eventually start installing the floorboards.

I did this first and cut a segment out of the frame so that it could sit over the spine.

I don't know what took so long but the next time I looked at my clock it was 10.30 - in other words this simple job had taken me 4 hours.

The rest of the day went on installing the next run of rafters and battens.

I had just enough time to place the next row of sheeting and put away my tools.

However it was getting too dark to fasten down the sheets.


After seeing a movie, Linda and I headed straight out to Wooroloo and I fastened down the sheeting and applied silastic to any old nail holes.

I also created some room to install the next frame.

Monday will be fine but the rest of next week looks like there will be some showers.

I might get up early on Monday, get out to site by 6.30 am and leave by 8.00 am to be back in my office by 8.30.

If I do this I might be able to the next rafter frame installed.

This would take a bit of pressure off for the following Saturday.

Monday, Tuesday

On both days I started work an hour earlier allowing me to visit the site for two hours each day during my lunch break.

I managed to install the mid rafter support frame and the two rafters.

Floorboard bracing spine and bisected frame

Rafters, battens and sheeting installed

Frame and Rafters installed Monday, Tuesday